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...The fuck am I doing?


predators literally love sex positivity and are the main supporters of it i just cant stress this enough obviously it started out with good intentions but its such an easy thing for evil manipulative people to latch onto and have people think theyre doing things under the guise of sexual freedom

Anonymous asked:
My friend identifies as gender fluid. I really think it's for attention. I know that I don't know what's going on inside her head, but I can just tell. She brings up her gender fluidity at random when it is not fit or we are not the topic. It's really annoying to the rest of our friends, myself included. I talked to her about it before, but she accused me of not accepting her, I just don't want to talk about gender fluidity every single day. What should I do?


Maybe call her out on it whenever she mentions her gender identity? Like, when she mentions genderfluidity when it’s off-topic, just kind of casually say something like “How’s that related to the conversation?” and if you pester her like that often enough I’m sure she’ll eventually stop being so attention seeking.

I’m having the same problem with a friend of mine who identifies as FtM. He talks about almost nothing but his gender, says transphobic things to other trans friends, and is really inconsistent about it…like he’ll deny they pronouns to another friend of mine but not to me?) has put other FtMs on blast before for their gender, and pretty much mentions his gender to pull the “woe is me” card. 


Hypothetically, just for future reference, would anyone be interested in becoming a Mod for this blog?

I’d be glad to help if you want any!


YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

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If you’re not upset about Katniss, Tonto, or Khan being played by white people, but you are upset about Annie being played by a black girl, you’re probably racist.

And by probably I mean definitely.

I’ve never seen the movie or read the book, I had no idea Katniss wasn’t white.






Before you tell me how these riots in St. Louis are for fighting racism, let me tell you something. I am SO sick of people NOT from here trying to glorify this.

The area where Michael Brown was shot and where the riots took place is a predominantly black area. I live about 20 minutes away.

ah yes all those “black owned businesses”

You’re not from around St. Louis, are you?

Let me tell you something. Many white people are quite afraid of the black neighborhoods in the St. Louis area. They don’t want to open up shop there. So many of the franchise owners and families who run the mom and pop shops in North St. Louis are black. 

Where was a black-owned Mom and Pop store vandalized?  All the pics I saw were of corporate convenience stores, which unless St Louis is the most exceptional city in America are all owned by whites or asians.

I know there was a local beauty supply store that was a small mom and pop shop that was raided, I saw the footage. However, the news nor the police scanners did not give out the name of the store. 

whatdoesntkillyouaregoingtodie asked:
Do you know if the cop who killed Brown have got his charges acquitted?

We don’t know much yet. The investigation should happen shortly, if not already.

fitzzsimmonss asked:
Mike brown, it's just being selfish. I'm also sick of tumblr going 'oh no one who isn't a minority cares.' Everyone here cares. I don't know anyone who isn't horrified at what happened
fitzzsimmonss asked:
Can I say thank you for the posts? As someone who lives in STL I'm sick of tumblr acting like they know everything right now. I don't think they realize how scary this is? I mean I don't live by ferguson but I in STL and I don't see anyone supporting the riots and looting oh my Facebook newsfeed most of my African American friends are begging people to stop. Also the fact that the looters are getting on to craigslist and selling what they stole shows that this basically has nothing to do with


I am madder than ever at tumblr right now.

The people glorifying the St. Louis riots on here are clearly not from this area and have clearly never lived here.

Ferguson, Florissant, (where the riots took place) and most of North St. Louis is predominantly black. That…